Rock band the Stanfields are asking fans to help them get back home in time for the Nova Scotia Music Awards Nov. 4. ((Chris Smith/Audio Blood))

Rock band the Stanfields are looking to fans and the online world to send them home.

The Nova Scotia rockers were touring in British Columbia when their van's engine broke down.

Unable to pay the nearly $8,000 towing and repair fee, the band's tour is now defunct, and they are stuck at the other end of the country.

Now, the Stanfields are asking their fans for help.

They have set up a fundraising page on their website, entitled "Bring Us Home." The band hopes to raise enough money to fix the van and return to their native province in time for Nova Scotia Music Week on Nov. 4. The Stanfields are nominated for four awards at the event.

The rockers have promised to play a private show in Halifax for every fan who donates.