Oscar nominee Helena Bonham Carter will step into the shoes of Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor for a new TV movie set to air this fall.

The BBC has revealed details about Burton and Taylor, a 90-minute TV film to air this autumn on BBC America.

Bonham Carter will portray the raven-haired screen legend, who died in 2011.


The film returns to Taylor and ex-husband Richard Burton's onstage reunion for a 1983 revival of Private Lives on Broadway. (AFP/Getty Images)

The 47-year-old British actress, who rose to fame in British period dramas, has more recently appeared in the Harry Potter film series, her partner Tim Burton's films, like Sweeney Todd and Alice in Wonderland, Great Expectations and Les Misérables. She was nominated for an acting Oscar for her turn in 2010's The King's Speech.

Fellow Brit Dominic West, 43, will portray Taylor's on-again, off-again husband Richard Burton. West is known for his TV roles in The Wire and the U.K.'s The Hour.

Burton and Taylor will focus on the onstage reunion of the tempestuous lovers when they co-starred in a 1983 Broadway revival of Noel Coward's comedy romp Private Lives, about a divorced couple — both of whom have found new partners — who discover they're still attracted to each other. 

At the time, Taylor and Burton had been married and divorced, twice. Private Lives ultimately marked Burton's last performance — he died in 1984 from a brain hemorrhage.

The project will debut nearly a year after a Lifetime TV movie about Taylor and Burton's stormy relationship, which starred troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. The critically maligned Liz and Dick was also panned by viewers.


Prolific actress Helena Bonham Carter earned an Oscar nomination for The King's Speech (Samir Hussein/Getty Images)