A decision by officials at a Connecticut high school to drop a student production of the Green Day rock opera American Idiot drew an online rebuke from the band's frontman.

Enfield High School's drama club posted fliers at the school announcing auditions.

But drama club director Nate Ferreira tells the Hartford Courant that he and the school's principal decided to drop American Idiot because some parents expressed concern. The production contains swearing, drug use and sex.

Green Day's frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, sent an open letter to the school board on Instagram on Monday, even though the board did not make the decision.

"I realize the content of the Broadway production of [American Idiot] is not quite 'suitable' for a younger audience. However there is a high school rendition of the production and I believe that's the one Enfield was planning to perform," the Grammy-winning rocker said.

"It would be a shame if these high schoolers were shut down over some of the content that may be challenging for some of the audience. But the bigger issue is censorship. This production tackles issues in a post 9/11 world and I believe the kids should be heard, and most of all be creative in telling a story about our history. 

The school will instead put on Little Shop of Horrors, the Alan Menken-Howard Ashman comedic horror musical that is among the most frequently produced productions by U.S. high schools.

American Idiot Dropped

Green Day members (from left) drummer Tre Cool, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and guitarist Mike Dirnt are seen performing at the 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Cleveland. Armstrong has blasted a Connecticut high school's decision to drop a student production American Idiot. (Mark Duncan/Associated Press)