More than 30 straight and gay couples exchanged wedding rings at Sunday night's Grammy Awards as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed their gay rights anthem Same Love.

With Queen Latifah presiding from the stage and the music playing, 33 straight and gay couples lined the aisle dressed in wedding finery.

Under Latifah's command, they exchanged rings during the segment near the end of Sunday night's show televised on CBS.

Joining Macklemore on the song were Mary Lambert, Trombone Shorty and Madonna, who wore an all-white cowboy suit and carried a cane.

Katy Perry caught a bouquet as the song ended and country star Keith Urban had tears in his eyes.

Latifah sworn in for ceremony

The weddings were legally presided over by Queen Latifah. The rapper, actress and talk show host had to be sworn in as a commissioner by the state of California to perform the ceremony.

The 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Show

More than 30 straight and gay couples participated in the wedding ceremony during the Grammy Awards. (Matt Sayles/Invision/Associated Press)

"You can call me Queen Commish for a little longer," she joked backstage Sunday night, though she clarified she's not an ordained minister and that her special powers expired at midnight.

"It was something I took very seriously...That is someone's life commitment to one another, you want to make sure you do it right. That's what sunk in for me," she said.

"To have your wedding in front of 100 million people is pretty momentous," Latifah added. "I can say I was here and that will not leave me. I look forward to dashing off and signing all their wedding certificates."