American actor George Clooney is rejecting an apology from the Daily Mail and slamming the British newspaper for being the "worst kind of tabloid."

In a new statement published Friday in USA Today, Clooney says the Daily Mail's mea culpa proves it knew its story about his fiancée's family was "a premeditated lie," but published it anyway.

The statement is the second this week from the typically reticent celebrity.

Clooney, 53, first blasted the paper on Wednesday for an online story that claimed his fiancee's mother opposed his marriage to Beirut-born lawyer Amal Alamuddin because Clooney doesn't belong to the Druze religion.

'They've exposed themselves as the worst kind of tabloid.' - George Clooney, actor, about the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail quickly retracted the story and issued an apology, but Clooney says that's not enough.

In his latest column, he cites a Daily Mail story from last April that includes an acknowledgment that Alamuddin's mother isn't Druze.

Clooney said the discrepancy proves the tabloid "makes up its facts to the detriment of its readers and to all the publications that blindly reprint them."

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