Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash. (AP Photo/Twentieth Century Fox, Suzanne Tenner)

Correctional authorities in California have agreed to allow a screening of the new Johnny Cash movie, Walk the Line, at Folsom Prison.

One of the highlights of the late Cash's career was his performance for prisoners at Folsom Prison in 1968. The biopic begins and ends with that show.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix, who plays Cash in Walk the Line, has agreed to attend the screening, scheduled for Jan. 3. Phoenix has received a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of the "man in black."

"(Cash) believed in the power of redemption and offered his unique gift to anyone who needed to find it within them, and in the process, he inspired millions," Phoenix said. "I can think of no greater way to honour him than to carry on his legacy of using music to connect to all people."

The live album Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, recorded four decades ago, was one of his most popular recordings.

The head of the American Prison Fellowship Organization says that the lesson of Cash's life and art is that it's never too late for a man to turn his life around. Folsom Prison, in Represa, Calif., opened in 1880 and houses more than 3,500 prisoners.
The Prison Fellowship was founded by Chuck Colson who went to jail for his role in the Watergate scandal and founded the fellowship while he was behind bars.