A RoboCop remake is back in theatres after 27 years since its debut. The new offering is a PG-rated rehash of the R-rated original that's shinier than ever in the looks department, but a little too timid in plot to say anything fresh, according to CBC's Eli Glasner.

The movie, set in 2028 Detroit, begins with an America that imposes its will in foreign lands by weaving robotics into peacekeeping.

Enter the doggedly determined cop Alex Murphy — played by Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman — who is blown apart and then reassembled as a mechanical man.

Michael Keaton brings a sense of frantic frustration playing the amoral CEO who wants robotic cops in cities across the U.S., and he's almost as much fun to watch as Gary Oldman, the cyborg's creator.

Then there's Samuel L. Jackson, turning in a strong performance as a TV commentator of the likes of Bill O'Reilly, crossed with Stephen Colbert, who tries to convince Americans not to be robophobic.

Watch Eli's review in the attached video as he explains how the film falls short on the deeper consequences of having a hero built out of hardware.