Godzilla, that classic beast from the monster movie canon, returns to cinemas this weekend in a rebooted tale by director Gareth Edwards.

The highly anticipated summer film features a star-studded cast of acclaimed actors, including Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins and David Strathairn.

How does the dark and scaly titular beast, who first stomped onto movie screens in the 1950s, measure up in the 21st century?

Though at times moving more like a sumo wrestler than an alpha predator, Godzilla (partially shot in British Columbia) is an artful and stunning update of the B-movie tradition, says CBC's Eli Glasner.

In the lead video, Glasner offers his review of Godzilla. In the second, he interviews Edwards, who stopped in Toronto to help launch the film.