Royal Mail stamp features William Hartnell, the first actor to star in Doctor Who. (Royal Mail/Canadian Press)

Doctor Who, the time-travelling science fiction hero of British TV, is to be featured on a stamp from Britain’s Royal Mail.

The 11 actors who have played the Time Lord will be featured on a series of stamps beginning in March.

Royal Mail said its stamps devoted to Doctor Who are to mark the 50th anniversary of the TV series.

The TV series has had several incarnations since it first appeared on the BBC on Nov. 26, 1963.


Royal Mail stamp features Matt Smith, the current Time Lord. (Royal Mail/Canadian Press)

In addition to the 11 stamps featuring Doctor Who actors, a  five stamp miniature sheet will show the TARDIS, the space and time travel machine, usually disguised as a police box.

The sheet also brings together stamps featuring four of the doctor's onscreen enemies — a Dalek, an Ood, a Weeping Angel and a Cyberman.

The stamps will launch on March 26 2013.

The 11 Doctor Who actors:

  • William Hartnell – First broadcast in 1963 until 1966.
  • Patrick Troughton – First broadcast in 1966 until 1969.
  • Jon Pertwee – First broadcast in 1970 until 1974.
  • Tom Baker – First broadcast in 1974 until 1981.
  • Peter Davison – First broadcast in 1982 until 1984.
  • Colin Baker – First broadcast in 1984 until 1986.
  • Sylvester McCoy – First broadcast in 1987 until 1989.
  • Paul McGann – First broadcast in 1996 (TV film only).
  • Christopher Eccleston – First broadcast in 2005.
  • David Tennant – First broadcast in 2005 until 2010.
  • Matt Smith – First broadcast in 2010 to date.