One of Canada's familiar faces in Hollywood, actress Cobie Smulders recalls watching Quebec comedy hit Starbuck long before she even considered auditioning for its English-language remake, Delivery Man.

Filmmaker Ken Scott, who co-wrote and directed the original as well as the retelling, "did it so well the first time...I loved it. I thought 'This is great. Why would they redo it?'"

The creative team behind Delivery Man began thinking of the remake as a theatrical remount.

"It's just like doing a play. This is the American version of this play and luckily we're able to bring this story to a wider audience," Smulders said.

"I hope [people] are able to enjoy it as much as they did the first time."

In the attached video, Smulders talks to Eli Glasner about adapting Starbuck into Delivery Man, whether the How I Met Your Mother, The Avengers and Lego actress has "geek cred" and how she gets help pronouncing unwieldy comic book terms.