Veteran British pop artist David Hockney isn't finished pushing the boundaries.

Though famed for expressing himself through traditional art forms like painting, drawing and print-making, over the years Hockney has also tested out creating art via computer software, fax machine and — most recently — an app on his iPhone and iPad.

Today, given a choice between a classic sketchbook and an iPad, Hockney picks the latter "because there's more variety," he told CBC News in Toronto, where his exhibit of iPhone and iPad artwork David Hockney's Fresh Flowers is running at the Royal Ontario Museum through January.

Some art critics have praised this newest slate of digitally created works as an interesting new extension of Hockney's oeuvre, though the works have also drawn some detractors.

"It's there, what it is. I'm not claiming this is the best of David Hockney or anything," he said.

"[Fresh Flowers] a show. You can go see it, like it or not it, doesn't really matter. I'm not going to care that much about it, I haven't time for that really," said the 74-year-old artist.