After wearing Dorothy's ruby slippers for nearly two years, actress and reality show winner Danielle Wade is wrapping up her turn in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.

The young star has performed the musical's lead role more than 500 times, during the show's Toronto run, which began in December 2012, as well as through its subsequent North American tour.

Wade wraps the Wizard of Oz tour at the Detroit Opera House on Sunday.

At first, imagining having to fill the shoes of Judy Garland — who starred as Dorothy in the classic 1939 film — was daunting, Wade said in an interview with Detroit News this month.

"You have to remember that you aren't her and you don't want to imitate her because you'll never do it justice," Wade concluded, adding that the show's creators allowed her to develop a fresh take on the famous role.

Because of this, Wade's Dorothy is "a little bit more of a tomboy and didn’t really take any crap from anybody," she noted. "She's a little rougher around the edges this time."

Wade, from LaSalle, Ont., was a 20-year-old University of Windsor theatre student when she won the CBC-TV reality show Over the Rainbow in November 2012. First prize was the lead role in the reimagined musical.

Theatre impresario Lloyd Webber, one of the judges of the TV competition, dubbed Wade "an extraordinary talent."