CSI creator Anthony Zuiker's serial killer character Sqweegel first appeared in a 2009 novel. ((Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images))

The creator of the CSI forensics TV shows is employing a unique way of promoting his new crime novel and internet movie by having a crossover serial killer portrayed in all three mediums.

Anthony Zuiker has penned a book, Dark Prophecy, which features a serial killer named Sqweegel, who will also be the main villain on the Oct. 14 episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.That episode has film veteran Ann-Margret portraying a wealthy Las Vegas woman with a dangerous past.

The 42-year-old producer said he came up with the idea of cross-promotion after his first novel, Level 26: Dark Origins (2009) — where Sqweegel first made an appearance — didn't sell as well as he'd hoped.

"If I can just get one per cent of the 15 million people who watch CSI to buy this book I'll have a bestseller on my hands," Zuiker told Bloomberg News.

Dark Prophecy will also be available on the iPad and is accompanied by a web film.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a Top 10 prime-time TV show, with an average audience of 14 million per episode.