The long-awaited Veronica Mars movie will land in theatres a year and a day after show creator Rob Thomas began his historic crowd-sourced fundraising appeal to turn the cult TV hit into a feature film.

Thomas has announced that the simply named Veronica Mars will hit cinemas on March 14, 2014.

Though it ran for just three years on TV, ending in 2007, Thomas' tale of a smart and spunky high school student/crime-solver (Kristen Bell) earned critical acclaim and a devoted fan base.

Though parent studio Warner Bros. had turned down Thomas' pitch for a movie version of the defunct series, they approved his attempt to raise funds for an independent production via online funding site Kickstarter last spring.

At the close of the campaign's first day, the project had already reached its initial $2 million US goal. By the end of the monthlong appeal, the proposed film raised a record-setting $5.7 million US and also sparked a wide-reaching debate about professionals tapping into crowd-sourced funding.


The still-devoted fans of the Veronica Mars TV series helped propel the film's fundraising campaign to a new Kickstarter record.

At the beginning of the campaign, Warner Bros. had initially pledged to give the movie limited theatrical release followed by distribution via video-on-demand and digitally. Now, however, the studio is planning on giving Veronica Mars a wider, national release.

Shot in about three weeks over the summer, Veronica Mars continues the story of the titular detective, who returns from New York to her California hometown of Neptune when her ex-boyfriend is accused of murder. Incidentally, it is also the character's 10-year high school reunion.

Along with star Bell, the film has original cast members Enrico Colantoni, Tina Majorino, Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring and others reprise their roles from the TV series.