Niema Ash has abandoned her battle to publish a "kiss and tell" book about Canadian singer-songwriter Loreena McKennitt, after a ruling Thursday in a London court.

Ash will also be forced to pay a portion of her former friend's legal costsfor the case, which created new precedents for privacy law in the U.K.

A judge had already blocked an earlier version of Travels with Loreena McKennitt: My Life as a Friend in which Ash revealed details of McKennitt's personal life, including sexual relationships and her thoughts on her fiance's drowning. Ash was also fined$11,360.

Earlier this year, Ash tried to publish an amended edition of the book.

But McKennitt again took legal action against the new version, leading to an appeals court ruling Thursday that upheld a ban on publication.

Ash admitted in courtthat she would have toabandon the project.

McKennitt's lawyers approached the case by arguing that even celebrities have a right to privacy.

"In these circumstances, Ms. McKennitt feels she has achieved her objective in protecting the human right she shares with others to a private life, and welcomes the settlement which has been achieved," McKennitt's lawyer Desmond Browne said after the decision.

It is not known how much of McKennitt's legal costs must be covered by Ash, but her lawyer said it was a "substantial portion."

The case has wider implications for the British media, especially those who publish unauthorized stories about celebrities.