The actor who portrays the bartender at the central Rovers Return Inn pub leaked recently that a special episode was in the cards for Coronation Street's 50th anniversary. Producers announced they will air a live episode to mark the occasion. ((Andrew Yates/Getty Images))

Coronation Street will once again go live for a landmark edition, this time the 50th anniversary episode set for December.

The previous live episode of the long-running series aired on the beloved show's 40th anniversary and included a protest against replacing the neighbourhood's cobbled streets and a cameo by Prince Charles.

"Everyone is very excited, if not to say a little nervous, about the prospect of a live episode, but we felt it was fitting to go out live to the nation to celebrate such a prestigious anniversary," said a Corrie spokeswoman.


Prince Charles, seen at centre unveiling an anniversary plaque at the Rovers Return pub in Dec. 2000, made a cameo appearance on Coronation Street's 40th anniversary show, the last time the long-running soap aired a live episode. ((Daniel Callister/Newsmakers) )

Actor Keith Duffy, who portrays a bartender at the show's central Rovers Return Inn pub, leaked recently that a special episode was in the cards to celebrate the forthcoming landmark.

December's plotline is also expected to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Earlier this year, one of the show's producers revealed that key characters will be killed off in a tram crash in the neighbourhood.

It is not yet clear, however, if the crash would occur during the live episode.

In February, rival British soap EastEnders broadcast its first-ever live episode to cap a week celebrating its 25th anniversary. Producers reported that more than 16 million people tuned in to watch.

The complex episode revealed a cliff-hanger and was kept from the cast and crew until just 30 minutes before the evening broadcast. EastEnders producers kept cast and crew in the dark by having them rehearse 10 possible endings.