Actor Chevy Chase is leaving the sitcom Community by mutual agreement with producers. (Kristian Dowling/Associated Press)

Actor Chevy Chase’s rocky relationship with the NBC sitcom Community has ended by mutual agreement, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Chase, who played the wealthy and often offensive Pierce Hawthorne, will appear in early episodes of the fourth season, but it is likely he will leave before the end of the season.

The former Saturday Night Live actor clashed last year with the show’s creator Dan Harmon, but Harmon was ousted earlier this year.

Chase has been critical of the show, once quoted as saying, "It's just a f---ing mediocre sitcom! I want people to laugh, and this isn't funny."

His departure is not expected to affect production of the show, formerly scheduled for this fall but now expected to be released after Feb. 7, 2013.