Thelist of nominees for the Doug Wright Awards, honouring the top in Canadian cartooning, has been released and illustrator Jillian Tamaki is among the chosen.

The awards are named after Doug Wright, whose strip, Doug Wright's Family or Nipper, ran for more than 30 years. Wright died in 1983.

Nominees have published stories that cover many genres from personal memoir to travelogue to short fiction.

Nominees for Best Book are:

  • Shenzen: A Travelogue From China, Guy Delisle.
  • This Will All End in Tears, Joe Ollman.
  • Scott Pilgrim and The Infinite Sadness, Bryan Lee O'Malley.
  • Gilded Lilies, Jillian Tamaki.
  • Nog-a-dod, Marc Bell ed.

Best Emerging Talent:

  • Gray Horses, Hope Larson.
  • House of Sugar, Rebecca Kraatz.
  • Was She Pretty?, Leanne Shapton.
  • Bacter-area, Keith Jones.
  • Mendacity, Tamara Faith Berger and Sophie Cossette.

The short lists were drawn up by a committee that included fellow cartoonists Chester Brown (Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography) and Seth (Palookaville), as well as director Jerry Ciccoritti and comic historian Jeet Heer.

The winners will be decided by a five-member jury that includes director Bruce McDonald, professor and writer Mark Kingwell,writer Judy MacDonald, 2006 Wright Award-winning cartoonist Lorenz Peter and journalist Jessica Johnson.

The winners will be announced Aug. 17.