Casey Kasem is listed in critical condition with an infected bedsore at a Washington state hospital Friday, while a state judge made the ailing radio personality's daughter, Kerri Kasem, in charge of his care. 

The 82-year-old Kasem was receiving intravenous antibiotics and other care Thursday for a serious pressure ulcer he had when he was admitted last Sunday, according to a statement from St. Anthony Hospital in Gig Harbor, Wash.

In a statement, Kerri Kasem's spokesman said Friday that Kasem's health is declining and he "won't be with us much longer."

Hospital spokesman Scott Thompson said Friday he would make no comment beyond the statement.

Meanwhile, a judge ruled all members of Kasem's family can visit him in hospital — just not at the same time. Kasem's  wife Jean Kasem and Kerri Kasem, his daughter from another marriage, have been locked in a legal battle since last fall.

Jean Kasem has been in control of her husband's medical care and has controlled access to him as his children from an earlier marriage contested who should make decisions about his care.

On May 20, while Kasem and his wife were in Washington state, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy ordered Jean Kasem to comply with court orders allowing doctors to evaluate her husband, and also permit Kerri Kasem to see him.

The judge also ordered Jean Kasem to surrender her husband's passport and temporarily suspended her powers to determine her husband's medical care.

The ruling came after Casey and Jean Kasem were tracked down by Kitsap County deputies on May 13 at the home of long-time family friends. Jean Kasem said they were on a family vacation. Kitsap County is west of Seattle.

Last week, a Washington state judge reiterated the order to allow visits by Kerri Kasem, who brought a doctor on Sunday and her father was taken to the hospital.

As Casey Kasem was taken out of the home, Jean Kasem tossed a package of ground meat at her stepdaughter.

"If you need to know why I did it — when a person is about to pass away, there are always rabid dogs," Jean Kasem told reporters in response to a question after a court session Monday.

Kasem gained fame with his radio music countdown shows, American Top 40 and Casey's Top 40. He also was the voice of Shaggy in the cartoon Scooby Doo.