The Sunday funnies will be in shades of pink ink on Oct. 10 in support of breast cancer awareness month.

King Features Syndicate Inc. said Sunday that more than 50 cartoonists will participate.

Each comic strip will also feature a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness with the tag line, "Cartoonists Care." The pink strips will run in newspapers and online.

Participating strips include:

  • Blondie.
  • Zits.
  • Dennis the Menace.
  • Family Circus.
  • Hagar the Horrible.
  • Mother Goose & Grimm.
  • Mallard Fillmore.
  • Beetle Bailey.
  • Dustin.
  • The Pajama Diaries.

A gallery of the pink strips will be displayed on a ComicsGoPink website, where donations to seven breast cancer organizations will be accepted.