Keri Latimer sings about Mountain Road in Manitoba, one of 13 songs that celebrate Canada's highways and byways as part of CBC Radio 2's Great Canadian Song Quest. (CBC)

Canada's highways and byways are being celebrated in 13 new original road songs from CBC Radio 2's Great Canadian Song Quest. The new songs by 13 different Canadian artists were released Friday on Radio 2 Drive and are now available online.

The song titles were released for the first time Friday:

  • Drive by Hannah Georgas, about the Freedom Highway in B.C.
  • La Reine by Coeur de pirate, about Queen Street in Sherbrooke, Que.
  • At The Roncies by Jully Black, about Roncesvalles Ave. in Toronto.
  • Mountain Road by Keri Latimer, inspired by Mountain Road, off the Yellowhead Highway in Manitoba.
  • The West Just Fades Away by Corb Lund, about Highway 22, the Cowboy Trail in Alberta.
  • End Of Road (Can't Believe It's Over Now) by Hopeful Monster, about No. 1 Highway in Nova Scotia.
  • Free Man by Chris Kirby, about the Viking Trail in Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Red Coat Trail by Jason Plumb, about Highway 13 in Saskatchewan.
  • Take A Drive by Thom Swift, about the Saint John River Scenic Route in New Brunswick.
  • Great Migration by Two Hours Traffic, about Dixon Road in Prince Edward Island.
  • My Home Town by Brandon Isaak, about the Alaska Highway in the Yukon.
  • Highway Free by Madeleine Allakariallak, about the Road to Nowhere in Nunavut.
  • Safe Passage by Leela Gilday, about  The Dehcho (Mackenzie) River in the Northwest Territories.

Corb Lund's song celebrates the Cowboy Trail in Alberta (CBC)

The 2010 edition of the Canadian Song Quest challenged listeners to choose streets, roads and highways they would like to hear celebrated in song.

After months of suggestions and voting, one choice was selected from each Canadian province or territory.

Performers in each province and territory were then given just three weeks to write and record a song.

All 13 performers will come together in a Great Canadian Song Quest Concert at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto on Oct. 26.