Celine Dion is currently performing her Las Vegas show A New Day five times a week at Caesars Palace. ((Isaac Brekken/Canadian Press))

A street in Céline Dion's hometown of Charlemagne, Que., now has a name— even if it's without the province's blessing.

The town of 6,000 has christened an unnamed street after the world-famous pop singer, despite theQuebec government's refusal to recognize it because she's still alive.

Charlemagne town council originally proposed naming it for Dion last September.

But the Quebec commissionin charge ofsuch matters rejected the idea in November, saying a person must be deceased for at least a year before receiving such an honour.

Charlemagne director general Bernard Boudreau said Tuesday that council didn't want to wait until after Dion's death to honour her, and the signs on the commercial boulevard, which intersects a highway, have gone up despite the province's objections.

Boudreau added that Dion has had a phenomenal career and has "spread the name of Charlemagne all over the planet."

The town has honoured Dion in the past, erecting a giant sculpture of the globe with the signature "Céline" across it.

Dion, who turns 39 in March,is performing in her Las Vegas show A New Day. The five-times-a-week revue, created by former Cirque du Soleil artistic director Franco Dragone, will close out its nearly five-year run at Caesars Palacein December.

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