WINNIPEG - A dispute with Randy Bachman may prevent Bachman-Turner Overdrive from entering the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, says the Winnipeg Free Press .

According to the report, the rock group had been the Hall of Fame's tentative choice to receive the honour at the 2003 Juno Awards.

But the Free Press says BTO members Robin Bachman, Fred Turner and Blair Thornton rejected the invitation to appear with former member Randy Bachman.

Randy Bachman, already in the Hall of Fame as a member of the Guess Who, left the group 13 years ago. Bachman and BTO spent much of the 1990s wrapped in legal disputes with each other.

The report says Juno organizers wanted the three remaining BTO members to reunite with Randy Bachman at the April 6 award show.

But Turner said that wasn't an option.

"We've been playing without Randy for 13 years, establishing our own identity, and now they want us to go on stage with him," Turner told the Free Press .

A spokesperson for Randy Bachman wouldn't confirm the Hall of Fame's invitation, but added Bachman would be happy to play with his former bandmates.

Juno organizers haven't confirmed this year's Hall of Fame inductee(s). The nominees will be announced Feb. 12.

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