French actress Brigitte Bardot, seen in an image from 1960, has objected to a purported film biography about her life. ((Keystone Features/Getty Images) )

Rumours about a Brigitte Bardot biopic have riled the former French actress and sex symbol, who believes no one can capture her je ne sais quoi.

"There is no one who can do it," the 75-year-old film star turned animal rights activist said in an interview with French radio this week.

"They have their own personality, but they don't have mine."

The former actress, who exclaimed "I am not dead yet!" in another interview, has been responding to reports that U.S. filmmaker Kyle Newman, best known for the Star Wars-themed indie comedy Fanboys, is preparing a Bardot biography.

Newman's model-turned-actress wife, Jaime King, is reportedly set to star as the French bombshell.

"I am not okay with a film about me when I have not been told about it and when I have not given my agreement to the person playing my role," Bardot said.

"There is no question of doing anything about me without my agreement."

Bardot claims she has never seen Joann Sfar's film Gainsbourg (Vie Héroïq), in which model-turned-actress Laetitia Casta portrays her.

An aspiring ballerina and model who was cast in her first film in her late teens, Bardot quickly became an international sensation and sex symbol who starred in dozens of films. However, she turned away from acting before her 40th birthday and subsequently became a vocal animal rights activist and campaigner.

More recently, she has come under fire — and on several occasions been fined by French prosecutors — for derogatory public comments about immigration, Islam and homosexuality.

A handful of recent films have focused on the life stories of high-profile French figures, including singer Gainsbourg, fashion designer Coco Chanel (Anne Fontaine's Coco Before Chanel and Jan Kounen's Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky) and singer Edith Piaf (Olivier Dahan's La Vie en Rose).


Brigitte Bardot, seen in 2007, is a vocal animal rights activist and has also gained notoriety for negative comments about immigration, Islam and homosexuality. ((Eric Feferberg/AFP/Getty Images) )