The real Aron Ralston poses Aug. 7, 2005, in Aspen, Colo. Danny Boyle is directing a film about Ralston's ordeal that led to the loss of his arm. (E Pablo Kosmicki/Associated Press)

Danny Boyle, director of Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire, plans to make a film about the American hiker who had to cut off part of his arm to survive in the Utah wilderness.

Boyle plans to shoot the film 127 Hours in Utah during March and April, he told the British press.

The film will tell the story of Aron Ralston, the mountain climber who became trapped by a boulder while hiking alone in May 2003.

Alone and with no one expecting him, he was forced to cut off his lower right arm with a multi-tool, a pocket tool with a small knife and pliers, to free himself from the boulder.

He later wrote a book about the experience, Between a Rock and a Hard Place. He continues to hike and to climb mountains.

Boyle said some of the filming will be done in Bluejohn Canyon, near Moab, Utah, where Ralston's ordeal took place.

James Franco of Spider-Man fame is set to star in the film, which received a $2.8-million tax credit from Utah.