From coveted rock reunions tours to those high-tech extravaganzas favoured by pop stars, a concert or show often means a pricey night out — in part due to today's robust secondary market for tickets.

The current ticket resale market is big business, with broker website StubHub — now the world's largest secondary-market seller — becoming a major rival and competitor for concert giants Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

Juno nominees Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé, currently on tour, says that inflated ticket prices due to resellers can make it impossible for average fans to get good concert seats. (Ralf Juergens/Getty)

When original ticket prices carry a face value of hundreds of dollars apiece, the price of entry for highly sought after shows can skyrocket in the secondary market — something even the artists onstage aren't happy about.

"The prices are jacked up like that and it's making it impossible for [an average fan] to get a good seat," Canadian singer Michael Bublé told CBC News recently.

"It really sucks."

In the meantime, some online upstarts have emerged to help fans — whether they're interested in landing hot tickets or offloading them via a resale site. In the attached video, Box Office Hero's Eric Schwarzer shares tips on buying and selling tickets online.

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