One of three Banksy works that turned up in Toronto over the weekend. ((Courtesy of

New graffiti images that appeared in Toronto over the weekend are the work of Banksy, according to his publicist.

Banksy was in Toronto for the opening of the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, a documentary in which he appears in disguise.

The reclusive British artist does not want to reveal his identity, because his art is created under cover of night in public spaces.

The Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto reported three images in Banksy's distinctive style that showed up over the weekend.

On Monday, his publicist confirmed via e-mail that the images were his.

Among them are one of his famous rats, a man in a suit, possibly representing a banker, holding a sign that says "Will work for idiots" and a man in uniform walking a balloon dog.

Banksy works with paint and stencils, and the images resemble some that he previously created in Los Angeles and London.


All are in Toronto's downtown area, not far from the lakeshore.

Exit Through the Gift Shop is a film purportedly by the British graffiti genius, who appears on screen only in disguise to discuss graffiti art.