Once the Golden Globe winners say their thank you's and walk off the stage with their award, they walk right into the press room, a list this year that included Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

Rather than a nervous or prepared speech — or worse, both — actors and filmmakers are typically more relaxed, having a few more minutes to process the big moment.

Jon Hamm gets the award for cracking the most jokes … and the best ones. He did a pretty good Aussie accent in response to a few questions from Australian reporters.

And when a journalist asked him what he's been reading lately, he responded: "Texts, a lot of texts," as well as "Instagram posts."

She was actually referring to whether Hamm was reading any new scripts post-Mad Men. He hasn't come across anything that's blown him away yet, in case you're wondering.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga said she spent years in acting school and that her Golden Globe win for her role on American Horror Story: Hotel was "just the best thing that could have happened to me." (Zulekha Nathoo/CBC)

I was expecting Jennifer Lawrence to be the wisecracker that she usually is, but she seemed a bit uncomfortable in front of us and kept her answers pretty short.

When asked what it was like to beat her buddy Amy Schumer, who was in the same category as her, Lawrence quipped: "She's gonna be fine!"

She did say she was looking forward to them partying together afterwards. I hope she's not taking steps to sanitize her personality around media because her normalcy is part of her charm.

'Girl power'

I asked Kate Winslet if she could speak to the strong presence she mentioned in her acceptance speech regarding women in film this year.

"Women are doing such great work," said Winslet. "I've been doing this for 23 years [and] it's just incredibly exciting to have that array of skill for all of us to be inspired by and to be a part of that is just wonderful. There's just a real sense of 'girl power' this year."

Then she told us she had a recurring neck problem and had booked a nighttime massage for the date of the Golden Globes. Clearly, she didn't expect to win. But she decided to cancel it, she said, and party with her husband instead.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence said she was looking forward to partying with her buddy Amy Schumer after the show, who was also in the same category as Lawrence. (Zulekha Nathoo/CBC)

It was pretty odd, in a fantastic way, to see Lady Gaga on a Golden Globes stage. She's one of those people reporters don't normally get a chance to chat with so what a surprise it was to see her in the press room.

She said something that really stood out for me, regarding the darkness that often appears in her music and characterizes her portrayal of The Countess on the television series American Horror Story: Hotel, the role which garnered her the Globe.

"You can create things that are so beautiful from things that make you sad," said Gaga.

Brie Larson said something similar when asked about her polar opposite roles as Schumer's sister in Trainwreck and the suspense film for which she won best actress, Room.

"Laughter and tears are both release and they're both incredibly valuable," she said.

El Chapo

A lot of the actors were asked about what they thought of Sean Penn's interview story on El Chapo for Rolling Stone magazine.

Matt Damon said it's nothing new for actors and filmmakers to seek meetings like this one. He also said the article was on his phone and he planned to read it "on the plane," as he was heading to Las Vegas after the show to start shooting the new Bourne film.

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac, who won for his role in Show Me A Hero, said Sean Penn's interview with El Chapo was "pretty fascinating". (Zulekha Nathoo/CBC)

Oscar Isaac, who won a Globe for his role in the miniseries Show Me A Hero, had an interesting perspective on it.

"I think it's pretty cool, pretty fascinating," said Isaac. "He [El Chapo] doesn't sound like a very nice guy but as a study of a human, it's fascinating."

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gael Garcia Bernal, for the record, said they hadn't read it yet.