A beaming Sarah McLachlan says she'll gladly accept half-a-million dollars from the B.C. government for a music education project in her name.

Premier Gordon Campbellannounced the fundingin Vancouver before taking a tour of the Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach facility with the songstress in tow.

The duo sat in on a djembe drum class, a piano lesson and a guitar seminar, where both the premier and McLachlan joined in for some strumming.

Campbell said he hopes the money will give young people the opportunity to dream that they will be able to touch as many people with their music one day as McLachlan has.

Open six days a week, the Music Outreach projects has been working with students from six Vancouver schools in the inner city for the last five years.

McLachlan says music has made a huge difference in her life, and knowing its positive impact is what made her want to share the gift with others.