The only professional ballet company in Atlantic Canada has secured stable funding for another five years.

The Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada will receive $200,000 over that time from an accounting company, Grant Thornton.

Grant Thornton has been its main backer since the Moncton-based ballet company was formed four years ago.

"It's often hard for arts organizations to find a reliable source of money and this sponsorship comes as a huge relief," said Susan Chalmers-Gauvin, the company's founder and chair.

"Many, many arts organizations struggle to survive from year to year. That's particularly the case within the Atlantic region where our populations are small, and our audiences are smaller," she told CBC Radio.

"There are many firms that offer annual sponsorships of some kind and you go back year after year, but that really does not help to sustain a company."

The ballet company has performed its contemporary story productions of Amadeus, Merlin and Les Portes Tournantes throughout Canada. In addition, its repertoire contains a number of short works and a period ballet, Figaro, all choreographed by artistic director Igor Dobrovolskiy.

It is about to have its international debut, with performances in Belgium and North Carolina. The company has a corps of eight dancers.

"We are the only professional ballet company in Atlantic Canada and, in fact, this is the only region of Canada that does not a sustainable professional dance company," Chalmers-Gauvin said.

"It's an art form that has not evolved here."