Oscar winner Anne Hathaway is jumping to Jennifer Lawrence's defence after the star of Joy and three-time Golden Globe winner was accused of being rude to a reporter inside the award show press room Jan. 10.

In a Facebook post, Hathaway expressed her dismay at the social media fiasco that ensued after video of Lawrence's interaction with a foreign reporter at the 2016 Golden Globes went viral.

"It's become pretty clear that the Jennifer Lawrence 'scolding' was taken out of context and that she was dryly joking with a journalist who was indeed using his phone to take photos of her," Hathaway wrote.

After receiving her 2016 Golden Globe award for best actress in a motion picture comedy, Lawrence was answering questions in the press room. Juan Pablo Fernandez-Feo, a pop culture reporter based in Mexico, asked the star a question about the Oscars while holding up his phone the entire time.

"You can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro," she interrupted, wagging a finger at him.

Jennifer Lawrence tells Golden Globes press room reporter "you can't live your whole life behind your phone, bro"0:56

When he tried to continue his question about the Oscars, she again interrupted: "We're at the Golden Globes. If you put your phone down, you'd know that."

Many people assumed, perhaps because he had a detectable foreign accent, that Fernandez-Feo was trying to read from notes on his phone. Postings on social media slammed the 25-year-old actress for being rude and obnoxious.

In a social media post after the awards, Fernandez-Feo confirmed in Spanish that as a digital journalist, he was indeed recording the exchange on his phone for work purposes.

Hathaway went on to vent about the incident in her Facebook message and the perceptions surrounding it.

"Let's not continue the sad but common practice of building people — especially women — up just to viciously tear them down when we perceive them to have misstepped," the Les Miserables Oscar winner posted. "Jennifer is a beautiful, talented, wildly successful, popular, four-time Oscar-nominated young woman. Please let us not punish her for these things."

CBC reporter Zulekha Nathoo's take

For what it's worth, I was in the Golden Globes press room as well at the time all of this happened, covering the event for CBC News.

While my observations at the time pointed to the fact that Lawrence didn't seem particularly happy overall to be there talking to reporters, it was quite apparent from my vantage point (I was a few rows behind him) that Fernandez-Feo was multi-tasking, trying to film and speak to her at the same time. That might explain why you can hear laughter in the room after her comments, including from the reporter himself.

In that fast-paced environment, I totally understand a reporter's needs to try to do several things at once while on a deadline but let's not throw respect out the window — wait till you've finished asking a question before focusing on your phone or at the very least, try to let the person on stage know you're working alone and have to speak and roll at the same time.