Lisa Ray says she has resumed cancer treatments. (touchwoodpr)

Indo-Canadian actress Lisa Ray has abandoned the lead role in the Canadian feature Patch Town as she resumes treatment for cancer.

Ray was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2009, but the following year was able to resume acting after aggressive treatment that included a stem cell transplant.

"Several weeks ago, it was determined by my doctors that I should begin a course of treatment, which I have already started," Ray said Wednesday on her Twitter account.

"What you may not know is that multiple myeloma is a chronic condition which means I will always live with it. I have known since my diagnosis it is likely I would have to undergo treatments and maintenance therapy on a periodic basis," she said.

"I feel wonderful, healthy and strong, I've switched to a plant-based diet and I'm active in a number of exciting projects which I will share over the next few months."

Ray, star of Bollywood/Hollywood, Water and Cooking with Stella has been host of Top Chef Canada.

She was cast in the lead role in dark comedy-adventure Patch Town, about an abandoned toy who seeks to stop an evil child snatcher. Directed by Craig Goodwill, it was to begin shooting in Toronto this month.

Ray has been replaced in Patch Town by actress Zoie Palmer.