Ellar Coltrane was just six when he started filming Richard Linklater's new movie Boyhood.

Now, after having spent more than half his life filming the movie, the 19-year-old actor is talking about the process.

The fictional coming-of-age story follows Coltrane's character, Mason over 12 years as he transforms from a sensitive first-grader into a college freshman. 

The film is drawing rave reviews from critics who applaud Linklater's skill at capturing the seemingly real and intimate passage of time as Mason, and his family (played by Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette) grow, change and age before the audience's eyes. 

Boyhood is currently playing in theatres across Canada.

In the above video, Coltrane explains to CBC Arts reporter Eli Glasner, the process behind Linklater's movie magic.