A Liberal government would introduce tailored grants to meet the needs of individual schools, Leader Stephen McNeil said Thursday.

His proposed Student Support Grants would give money to school boards, who would then administer the funds to local schools.

The grants could be awarded to a minimum of $5,000 per school, plus an additional $25 per student.

He said for example:

  • Big Tancook Elementary could get $5,175
  • Citadel High School in Halifax could get $36,000

“We understand, as families and educators do, that different schools have different needs,” said McNeil. “Teachers and administrators are in the best position to understand the needs of their classrooms and this program will help teachers with specific needs such as supplies and technology.”

He said core services were often cut because the funding formula doesn't have enough flexibility to meet specific needs in rural communities. 

“Traditionally, fund raising was used for the extras in our schools such as school trips. Now, it is too often required to address a hole that has been left by core funding cuts,” he said.