Pat Dunn, the Progressive Conservative candidate in Pictou Centre, has been forced to black out part of his website address on election signs after someone bought his domain name and set up a nasty website attacking the Tory.

The domain name takes web users to a site that urges voters in Pictou Centre to think twice before voting PC.

Pat Dunn sign

Pat Dunn is now taping over part of his election signs so they reflect his new website. (CBC)

"Without strong the Tory influence, I will not be able to collect my pension,” the website said.

Dunn lost the seat by 191 votes in a squeaker in 2009. He's back, challenging incumbent New Democrat Ross Landry.

"We're just going forward," said Dunn, who does not blame his opponents for the website shenanigans. Dunn is now using the online address

Old opponents face off

Dunn is already under fire for what he terms a “desperate” attack from Ross Landry.

Landry said a Progressive Conservative government would take the "shovels out of the ground" and end renovations at the Aberdeen hospital in New Glasgow and construction of a jail. That claim is based on a Tory pledge to tackle the debt.

"If you’re going to put more money on the debt, then you can’t build new buildings," Landry said.

Dunn said the claim is nonsense.

"Of course we would honour capital spending commitments," Dunn said. "They are desperate, and they are worried.”