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Migrant ship sinking: Hundreds feared dead after boat capsizes

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Provincial Elections 2015

Alberta Votes »

Alberta election trail for Tuesday, April 21
Here's the daily campaign buzz and the scheduled appearances for Alberta's party leaders on Tuesday.
Rachel Notley doesn't rule out coalition talks after Alberta's election
New Democratic Party Leader Rachel Notley says she would consider participating in a coalition if the PCs fail to win a majority in the Alberta provincial election on May 5.
Alberta's election could be 'irrational,' says Corey Hogan audio
A former Alberta Liberal Party director says there is no historical precedent for the May 5 provincial election and anything could happen as a result.

PEI Votes »

Live Blog Angela Walker's District Dash: east of Charlottetown
Angela Walker is talking to voters in districts bordering on the north and east of Charlottetown Tuesday, checking in on how party messages are playing with Islanders.
Live Blog P.E.I. campaign trail: forum on the environment
A forum on environmental issues highlights the P.E.I. Votes 2015 calendar Tuesday.
INTERVIEW Progressive Conservative Leader Rob Lantz on Island Morning audio
A feature interview with Progressive Conservative Leader Rob Lantz.


  • Real kermit

    Frog discovered in Costa Rica resembles Kermit

    by Alexandra Hunnings

    Posted: Apr 21, 2015 10:45 AM read comments

    Researcher Brian Kubicki discovered a species of glass frog in Costa Rica that bears a striking resemblance to Muppets character Kermit, but the newly identified species' official name is Hyalinobatrachium dianae.