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Provincial Elections 2015

Alberta Votes »

Controversial Craig Chandler stirs election emotions
A man who was prevented from running for the Progressive Conservatives in 2007, and who was branded as too extreme for the Wildrose in 2012, has resurfaced in Alberta’s election campaign after a press release announcing his return to the PC fold in January went largely unnoticed.
Alberta election ramps up hyperbole in final week
With just days to go in the Alberta election campaign, the battle is on for undecided voters between, depending on whom you talk to, the corporate muppets and the union puppets.
Rachel Notley brings pitch to Calgary Chamber of Commerce
NDP Leader Rachel Notley brought her message to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce on Friday, vowing her party will work with business while asking corporations to pay more.

PEI Votes »

PCs forced to modify Star Wars spoof focusing on film industry
A Star Wars spoof appearing on YouTube that highlights the P.E.I. Progressive Conservative Party's film and digital media tax credit proposal had to be modified to adhere to Elections PEI regulations.
NDP would cut small business tax by 33% if elected
The NDP would cut the small business tax rate on P.E.I, by 33 per cent, if elected May 4 in the provincial election, says Leader Mike Redmond.
P.E.I. political parties tally campaign promise costs
With just over a week to go in the provincial election campaign, CBC News asked the four political parties to tally up what it would cost to deliver their election promises.