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Nepal earthquake triggers deadly Mount Everest avalanche

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Provincial Elections 2015

Alberta Votes »

Tories Thomas Lukaszuk, Stephen Mandel in trouble, pollster says
A new poll by Abingdon Research shows two high profile Tory MLAs seeking re-election — Stephen Mandel and Thomas Lukaszuk — are in trouble, placing second well behind the NDP candidates in their ridings.
Alberta election: Wildrose defections not forgotten in southern ridings
With about a week to go until voting day, there are indications in the ridings south of Calgary that the mass defection of Wildrose MLAs to the Tories is not water under the bridge for many voters.
Danielle Smith wishes for Wildrose-PC coalition
Former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says she wants the provincial election to result in a Wildrose-Progressive Conservative coalition government .

PEI Votes »

New Tight election race for MLA in Stratford-Kinlock
Both the Liberal and Progressive Conservative candidates in Stratford-Kinlock agree it will be a tight vote in that district on election night.
Analysis Election promises: Student achievement and shrinking enrolments
How P.E.I.'s four political parties would solve the problems of shrinking enrolments, urban concentration, student achievement, and other issues in the education system.
Feature P.E.I. politics, 2011-15: Student achievement
With a series of poor results on standard student achievement tests, how to improve the academic performance of P.E.I. students became a political issue.