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District Profiles

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Ronald OuelletteLIB375055.68%X
Maurice PicardPC273340.55%
Pierre CyrNDP2543.77%
September 20, 2:29:00 PM ADT34 of 34 polls reporting

Grand Falls-Drummond - Saint-André (52)


PC: Maurice Picard
LIB: Ron Ouellette (incumbent)
NDP: Pierre Cyr

District Profile:
This is a new riding in northwestern New Brunswick and is mostly French speaking. It encompasses the district of Grand Falls Region, minus the northern part of the electoral district, which has been transferred to the district of Restigouche-la-Vallée, and minus part of California Settlement, which has been transferred to the electoral district of Victoria-Tobique. Agriculture and related industries (potato country) are major industries in the riding. The total population is 12,204.

District Map:
District Map: Bathurst

From Elections New Brunswick:
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Riding History:
Grand Falls Region was created in 1995 redistribution from the entire district of Grand Falls and the southeast corner of Madawaska South, including St-André and Grand Sault. Grand Falls was the new district in 1974; Grand Falls Region the new district in 1995.

Grand Falls:
LIB: 1974 to 1991.

Grand Falls Region:
LIB: 2003.
PC: 1999.
LIB: 1995.

2006 redistribution added part of the community of Saint-Leonard-Parent from the electoral district of Madawaska-la-Vallée.

Political History:
2003: LIB RONALD OUELLETTE defeated PC JEAN-GUY LAFOREST by 1,849 votes.
1999: LAFOREST defeated LIB MARCEL DESCHENES BY 399 votes.
1995: LIB PAUL DUFFIE defeated LAFOREST by 2,282 votes. Sept. 21, 1995 to March 20, 1997: DUFFIE appointed attorney general and minister of justice. Resigned from cabinet, saying his family needed more of his time.
1991: DUFFIE defeated PC LEO THERIAULT by 2,408 votes. Oct. 9, 1991: DUFFIE appointed minister of education; April 27, 1994: Appointed minister of municipalities, culture and housing.
1987: DUFFIE defeated PC RÉAL DIONNE by 3,127 votes.
1982: LIB EVERARD DAIGLE defeated PC BESSIE COTE by 1,112 votes.
1978: DAIGLE defeated PC JOE RIDEOUT by 1,716 votes.
1972: DAIGLE defeated PC LEO LEVESQUE by 902 votes.

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District Profiles

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