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District Profiles

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
David N. AlwardPC386754.1%X
Art SlippLIB293641.07%
Garth Derrald BrewerNDP3454.83%
September 19, 1:13:13 AM ADT 39 of 39 polls reporting

Woodstock (49)


PC: David Alward (incumbent)
LIB: Arthur Slipp
NDP: Garth Brewer

District Profile:
A border district in the southwest of the province, including the town of Woodstock (which borders the United States), Canterbury, Jacksonville, Meductic, as well as parishes of Canterbury, Richmond, Wakefield, North Lake, Northampton, Woodstock and Woodstock 23 Reserve. The total population is 13,197.

District Map:
District Map: Bathurst

From Elections New Brunswick:
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District History:
The Woodstock district was created in 1995 redistribution from: Carleton South (6,720 voters), all of district; Carleton Centre (about 1,900 voters), southwest corner of district; York South (about 1,000 voters), western part of district.

Carleton South:
LIB: 1991, 1987.
PC: 1982, 1978, 1974.

PC: 2003, 1999.
LIB: 1995.

Redistribution in 2006 subtracts part of the communities of Avondale, Deerville, Weston and Wilmot, which have been transferred to the electoral district of Carleton.

Political History:
2003: PC DAVID ALWARD defeated LIB LORNE DRAKE by 2,205 votes. June 27, 2003: ALWARD sworn in as minister of agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture.
1999: ALWARD defeated LIB JAMES ANDOW by 3,365 votes.
1995: LIB BRUCE SMITH defeated PC FRED HANSON by 248 votes. Sept. 21, 1995: SMITH appointed minister of supply and services. Resigned July 23, 1997.
CARLETON SOUTH (new seat in 1974)
1991: SMITH defeated COR JERRY COVEY by 426 votes. Oct. 9, 1991 to April 25, 1994: SMITH appointed solicitor general.
1987: SMITH defeated PC STEVEN PORTER by 1,027 votes. Oct. 27, 1987 to Oct. 9, 1991: SMITH appointed minister of supply and services.
1982: PORTER defeated LIB STEVE PAGET by 1,277 votes.
1978: PORTER defeated LIB PAT SAUNDERS by 541 votes.
1974-1978: PC EDISON STAIRS defeated LIB GERALD PHILLIPS by 630 votes. December 1974 to 1976: STAIRS appointed minister of finance and chair of NB Electric Power Commission.
1960-1974: 1970, 1967, 1963, 1960: STAIRS elected in Carleton. July 1972 to 1974: Minister of natural resources; November 1970 to July 1972: Minister of economic growth, and minister of agriculture and rural development.

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District Profiles

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