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District Profiles

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Keith AshfieldPC320952.02%X
Les SmithLIB265443.02%
Brecken Rose HancockNDP3064.96%
September 20, 2:29:00 PM ADT31 of 31 polls reporting

New Maryland - Sunbury West (46)


PC: Keith Ashfield (incumbent)
LIB: Les Smith
NDP: Brecken Hancock

District Profile:
The total population is 12,268.

This south-central riding includes Tracy, New Maryland and Fredericton Junction; Clarendon, Gladstone and Lincoln parishes; parts of Blissville, Petersville and New Maryland parishes.

District Map:
District Map: Bathurst

From Elections New Brunswick:
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District History:
The district of New Maryland was created in the 1995 redistribution from: Sunbury (all areas south of St. John River); York South (northeast corner of riding becomes northwest corner of this riding); small areas from Queens South and Charlotte Fundy.

Both Sunbury and York had been:
COR: 1991.
LIB: 1987.
PC: 1982, 1978, 1974.

New Maryland:
PC: 2003, 1999.
LIB: 1995.

This district has the electoral district of New Maryland - Sunbury West, minus the Hanwell mini-home park, which has been transferred to the electoral district of York, minus the area of Bishop Drive, which has been transferred to the electoral district of Fredericton-Silverwood and minus the community of Lincoln, which has been transferred to the new electoral district of Fredericton Lincoln.

Political History:
2003: PC KEITH ASHFIELD defeated LIB JOAN KINGSTON by 217 votes. June 27, 2003: ASHFIELD sworn in as minister of natural resources. Mmember of the Board of Management.
1999: ASHFIELD defeated KINGSTON by 1,146 votes.
1995: KINGSTON defeated COR MAX WHITE, former MLA from Sunbury, by 1,846 votes. May 14, 1998: KINGSTON appointed minister of labour; July 21, 1997: Minister of environment.

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District Profiles

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