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District Profiles

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Margaret-Ann BlaneyPC285348.63% X
Paul BarryLIB276547.13%
Troy PolchiesNDP2494.24%
September 20, 1:55:00 PM ADT 31 of 31 polls reporting

Rothesay (32)


PC: Margaret-Ann Blaney (incumbent)
LIB: Paul Barry
NDP: Troy Polchies

District Profile:
This new district, created in 2006, contains the district formerly known as Saint John-Kings, subtracting parts of the city of Saint John and transferring them to the districts of Saint John-Fundy and Saint John-East.

District Map:
District Map: Bathurst

From Elections New Brunswick:
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District History:
Kings West:
LIB: 1995, 1991, 1987.
PC: 1982, 1978, 1974.

Saint John Kings:
PC: 2003, 1999.

Added to the district are the southeastern part of the town of Rothesay, Upper Golden Grove, First and Third Lake Road, and the part of the town of Rothesay in the county of Saint John from the electoral district of Saint John Fundy. The district's population is 12,812. Saint John Kings was created in 1995, and was formerly known as Kings West.

Political History:
2003: PC MARGARET-ANN BLANEY defeated LIB TOM YOUNG by 678 votes; June, 2003: BLANEY appointed minister of training and employment development, a post she held until Feb. 14, 2006.
1999: BLANEY defeated LIB ZITA LONGOBARDI by 2,853 votes. June 17, 1999: BLANEY appointed minister of transportation; Oct. 9, 2001: Appointed minister of public safety, and minister responsible for the status of women
1995: LIB LAUREEN JARRETT defeated PC BILL ARTISS by 615 votes.
1991: JARRETT defeated COR GLENDON JONES by 2,409 votes. Oct. 9, 1991: JARRETT appointed minister of supply and services, April 27, 1994 to Sept. 21, 1995: Minister of state for mines and energy.
1987: JARRETT defeated ND GEORGE LITTLE by 2,320 votes. Oct. 27, 1987 to October 1991: JARRETT appointed minister of income assistance.
1982: BAXTER defeated LIB MALCOLM BARRY by 2,007 votes. LITTLE, leader of N.B. NDP, was third, with 25% of the vote. Oct. 30, 1982: BAXTER appointed minister of finance and housing, and minister responsible for housing policy; 1985: Minister of finance.
before 1982: Dec. 3, 1962, 1963, 1967, 1970: PC JACK BAXTER elected in Kings, and in 1974 and 1978 in Kings West; Nov. 12, 1970 to 1974: BAXTER appointed minister of justice.

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District Profiles

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