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District Profiles

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Wally StilesPC464064.97% X
Terry KeatingLIB211629.56%
Rebecca Lewis-MarshallNDP3925.48%
September 20, 1:55:00 PM ADT 42 of 42 polls reporting

Petitcodiac (25)


PC: Wally Stiles (incumbent)
LIB: Terry Keating
NDP: Rebecca Lewis-Marshall

District Profile:
This new district, created in 2006, takes the district of Petitcodiac and adds part of the city of Moncton from the district of Moncton Crescent, part of the parish of Brunswick from the electoral district of Grand Lake, and part of the communities of Stilesville and Lutes Mountain. It also includes part of Route 490 from Kent South, and the areas of Millstream, Carsonville and Summerfield from the electoral district of Kings East.

The district's population is 14,581. The old district of Petitcodiac was the birthplace of the Tollbusters, activists who fought the implementation of tolls on the four lanes through the province. Then Opposition Tories pledged to remove tolls if elected. This became the defining issue of the 1999 election and helped get Bernard Lord and his party elected.

District Map:
District Map: Bathurst

From Elections New Brunswick:
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District History
New district in 1974.

PC: 2003, 1999.
LIB: 1995, 1991, 1987.
PC: 1982, 1978, 1974.

Political History:
2003: PC WALLY STILES defeated LIB BETHANY DYKSTRA by 1,631 votes
1999: STILES defeated LIB GARY STEWART ARMSTRONG by 3,113 votes.
1995: LIB HOLLIS STEEVES defeated COR TOM TAYLOR by 725 votes. March 1999: Steeves announced he wouldn't be running again.
1991: PC DENNIS COCHRANE defeated COR LEONA MAY GELDART by 93 votes. STEEVES was third. June 1991 to 1995: Cochrane was N.B. PC leader, the first party leader to run in the riding since 1907
1987: STEEVES ran again and defeated PC BILL HARMER by 3,248 votes.
1982: HARMER defeated STEEVES by 2,575 votes. Oct. 30, 1982: HARMER appointed minister of environment; Oct. 3, 1985: Appointed minister of supply and services.

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District Profiles

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