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District Profiles

CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Carmel RobichaudLIB308345.09%X
Guy VautourPC196328.71%
Roger DuguayNDP179126.2%
September 20, 1:55:00 PM ADT36 of 36 polls reporting

Miramichi Bay - Neguac (10)


PC: Guy Vautour
LIB: Carmel Robichaud (incumbent)
NDP: Roger Duguay

District Profile:
A Northumberland County district in the northeast of the province, it is a predominantly rural area, with lumbering and fishing on the northeast of Miramichi Bay.

It contains the northeast part of the new city of Miramichi (in the southwest corner), communities of Neguac, Brantville, Lower Neguac; parish of Alnwick; part of parish of Newcastle, as well as Burnt Church 14 and Tabusintac 9 reserves.

District Map:
District Map: Bathurst

From Elections New Brunswick:
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District History:
New district in 1974.
LIB: 2003.
PC: 1999.
LIB: 1995, 1991, 1987.
PC: 1982.
LIB: 1978, 1974.
In the 2006 redistribution, Miramichi Bay-Neguac added part of Miramichi known as a part of Douglastown from Miramichi Centre. It lost part of Haut-Riviere-du-Portage and part of Riviere-du-Portage, transferring them to Tracadie-Sheila. The district's total population is 11,966.

Political History:
2003: LIB CARMEL ROBICHAUD won the seat with 3,267 votes.
1999: PC RÉJEAN SAVOIE defeated LIB DANNY GAY by 948 votes.
1995: GAY defeated PC JIM GORDON by 160 votes.

July 21, 1997: GAY appointed minister of fisheries and aquaculture; May 14, 1998: Reappointed by PREMIER THERIAULT.
1991: GAY defeated PC EMILIEN LeBRETON by 1,823 votes.
1987: GAY defeated PC JIM GORDON by 1,847 votes.
1982: GORDON defeated LIB ALCIDE LEGER by 212.
1978: LIB EDGAR LEGRESLEY defeated GORDON by 482 votes.
1974: LEGRESLEY defeated PC GEORGE SAVOIE by 1,232 votes.
1970: LEGRESLEY elected in Northumberland in 1970.
1935-1956: Northumberland district had voted Liberal in multi-member seat since 1935, except for 1956 when three Liberals and one PC were elected.

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District Profiles

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