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CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Denis LandryLIB414256.15%X
Louis-Philippe McGrawPC323543.85%
September 20, 1:55:00 PM ADT 36 of 36 polls reporting

Centre-Péninsule - Saint-Sauveur (8)


PC: Louis-Philippe McGraw
LIB: Denis Landry (incumbent)
NDP: no candidate

District Profile:
This district is in the notheast part of province. It includes villages of Paquetville and Saint-Isidore, as well as parts of parishes of Saint-Isidore, Inkerman and Caraquet parishes.

According to 1991 census, 96.06% of the population listed French as mother tongue. The average family income was the lowest in the province and ranked second highest for percentage of population with less than Grade 9 education.

District Map:
District Map: Bathurst

From Elections New Brunswick:
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District History:
New district in 1995.
PC: 1999.
LIB: 1995.

In the 2006 redistribution, Centre-Péninsule - Saint-Sauveur added the community of Saint-Sauveur from Nepisiguit, the community of Baie de Petit-Pokemouche from Lameque-Shippagan-Miscou, and the areas of Pont-Landry and Losier Settlement from Tracadie-Sheila. It lost the community of Burnsville, transferring it to Caraquet. The district's total population is 12,099.

Political History:
2003: LIB DENIS LANDRY won the seat with 3,097 votes.
1999: PC LOUIS-PHILLIPPE MCGRAW defeated LANDRY by 1,207 votes.
1995: LANDRY defeated PC ROLAND MALLAIS by 699 votes.
1991: LIB DENIS LOSIER defeated PC COLETTE McGRAW by 4,271 votes.

Oct. 9, 1991: LOSIER appointed minister of economic development and tourism.

After resignation of LOSIER, a byelection was held on Sept. 26, 1994, and PC ELVY ROBICHAUD defeated LIB AQUILA COMEAU by 1,356 votes.
1989: June 15, 1989 to Oct. 9, 1991: LOSIER minister of fisheries and aquaculture.
1988: After LIB DOUG YOUNG resigned to run federally, a byelection was held on Nov. 14 and LOSIER defeated IND YVON McGRAW by 4,269 votes.
1987: YOUNG (leader of N.B. Liberals from 1981-83) won in 1978, 1982 and 1987. Oct. 27, 1987: Appointed minister of fisheries and aquaculture.
1978: PC FERNAND DUBÉ defeated LIB WILFRED SENECHAL by 267 votes.

1978 to 1982: DUBÉ appointed minister of finance, and minister responsible for energy policy.
1994: April 27: LIB BERNARD THERIAULT appointed minister of fisheries and aquaculture.
1987-1991: THERIAULT won in 1987, 1991.
1982: PC EMERY ROBICHAUD defeated LIB ONIL DOIRON by 886 votes.
1974-1978: DOIRON won in 1974 and 1978.

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District Profiles

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