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CandidatePartyVote CountVote ShareElected
Roy BoudreauLIB423256.58%X
Greg DavisPC324843.42%
September 20, 1:55:00 PM ADT37 of 37 polls reporting

Campbellton - Restigouche Centre (1)


PC: Greg Davis
LIB: Roy Boudreau (incumbent)
NDP: no candidate

District Profile:
Campbellton is on the northern border of the province, next to Quebec.

It consists of that part of county of Restigouche contained in the city of Campbellton; area east of Campbellton known as Local Service District of McLeod; villages of Atholville and Tide Head; Local Service District of Dundee; part of parish of Dalhousie. The language split in this area is approximately 60/40, French to English.

District Map:
From Elections New Brunswick:
District Map: Campbellton - Restigouche Centre

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District History:
New district in 1967.
PC: byelection 2001
LIB: 1999, 1995, 1991, 1987
PC: 1967-1982 incl.

In the 2006 redistribution, Campbellton added the eastern part of the electoral district of Restigouche West starting at Adams Gulch, less the southern part of the community of Val d'Amour. It lost the areas of MacLeods and Dundee, and transferred them to the electoral district of Dalhousie-Resitgouche East. The district's population is 13,524.

Political History:
2003: LIB ROY BOUDREAU won the seat with 3,979 votes.
2001: Feb. 5, 2001 byelection: PC JEAN DUBÉ defeated LIB ARNOLD FIRLOTTE by 1,227 votes.

BLANCHARD resigned to take a judgeship in 2000.
1995: BLANCHARD defeated PC FLORENT LEVESQUE by 3,624 votes.

Sept. 26, 1995: BLANCHARD appointed minister of finance and minister of state for quality.

May 14, 1998: Reappointed by Premier Camille Th�riault.
1991: BLANCHARD defeated COR's RONALD RIOUX by 2,537 votes.

Oct. 9, 1991 to September 1995: BLANCHARD appointed attorney general, minister of justice and minister of intergovernmental affairs.

He was minister responsible for Regional Development Corp., Dec. 12, 1991 to Sept. 21, 1995.
1987: BLANCHARD defeated PC FERNAND DUBÉ by 2,034 votes.

June 15, 1989 to Oct. 9, 1991: BLANCHARD appointed minister of state for mines.
1982: PC FERNAND DUBÉ defeated LIB LUMINA SENECHAL by 1,450 votes.

October 1982 to 1985: DUB� appointed minister of justice; Oct. 3, 1985: Min of commerce and technology.
1978: DUB� defeated LIB WILFRED SENECHAL by 267 votes.

1978 to 1982: DUBÉ appointed minister of finance, and minister responsible for energy policy.
1974: PC FERNAND DUBÉ first elected in byelection in September 1974 after the resignation of CHARLIE VAN HORN.

DUB� defeated LIB MAURICE DION by 752 votes.

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District Profiles

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