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From: Christian Robichaud
Re: Party politics

As with past elections in the, I am very disappointed with all parties. All parties are pretty much the same. Sure they differ on a few topics, but it's basically the same all over again. You got the PC and the Liberals that work for their own corporate interests groups that sponsor them and the NDP that is sponsored by unions. In theory, if the NDP is close to the unions, then they should also be closer to the people. The problem with this is that unions are known to sleep with management and give in to corporate demands. This puts the NDP right up there with the two other main parties. I think New Brunswickers feel that they have no choice but to vote for one of the three main parties or else their vote is wasted.

How can an exercise in democracy be considered a waste? That is one of the great benefits of voting, we get to voice our opinion about who will govern our province. Two days before the election is late to be trying to motivate people, but please don't think that your vote is being wasted even if you vote for an independent. I challenge all New Brunswickers to go and vote for what you believe in, not what some politician says you should believe in. My personal feeling about this election and just about every other election that I have voted in since I have been eligible to vote is that the media and the politicians try to make people believe that this is the main parties are the only ones that can represent us.

That is nothing but brainwashing. The main reason the three main parties are considered the only real choices is due to funding. So whatever the big corporate donators want, they get. A person with different ideas is not likely to be able to run a real campaign unless they get funding. To get funding, you have give up some principles. That is not very democratic. I urge everyone to start considering the fact that our democracy is nothing but a gimmick to cover up big business involvement in government activities.

Christian Robichaud

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