Kick off the summer with Jenn Russell swing concert in St. Andrews

It looks like a glorious weekend coming up in the province, and a long one for some. Organized folks would have taken Monday off, to match up with the Tuesday Canada Day celebration. I'm not organized, of course. But, I do know a good spot to be on Sunday, and any day, really. Jenn Russell has been doing a series of album launch shows around the province for her new album of swing jazz, called Double Kiss. And after a beautiful day on the Bay of Fundy, what better way to cap it off than seeing a full swing orchestra, just like the classic big band days, in concert. To top it off, there will be a vintage vibe to it all, as the show is being presented in the historic Algonquin Resort hotel.

The Double Kiss album features all-new Russell-penned songs, in either swing jazz or jump blues style. Russell is the vocalist, and also a sax player, and has been working with many of the Fredericton jazz and pop players in the local covers scene the past few years. Seeing the reaction people have to dance music inspired her, along with a recent resurgence of big band-era dancing, in a couple of swing clubs in the area. Then she found out there was an interest in other N.B. centres, and in Halifax, so the idea of a summer tour took shape.

Russell's touring band features nine pieces, enough for a strong, big sound. It's going to be held in the Shaughnessy Ballroom in the newly-renovated Algonquin, with room for dancers, and listeners. Tickets are $20, available at the door or in advance at Cockburn's Pharmacy in St. Andrews, with 8 PM a good time to be there. It sounds like such a good idea, I think I'll just drop by and MC for the evening.

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