Grand Theft Bus Headline Messtival in Anagance

If you've heard people around Moncton saying things like "It's a mess", and "There's no way I'm going", in fact they mean the opposite. That kind of code is the language behind Messtival, the annual music and art attack put on by Moncton's TBA Collective. Now in it's sixth year, Messtival starts tonight in nearby rural Anagance, and has expanded to three days, it's biggest yet.

Messtival began as a chance for indie rock bands in the area to play some house concerts, but quickly grew into festival size. Moving onto the Anagance field, it's an outdoor, natural experience, with an emphasis on keeping things green and tidy and fun. There's lots of camping available, so a tent and survival supplies are the order of the weekend, supplemented by vendors with coffee and food and such. You can do the whole weekend, or just come out for Saturday, the big day of music, as well.

As usual, local and indie acts take the bulk of the show, along with a few hand-picked artists coming a bit further for the show. A partial list includes Grand Theft Bus, Goosepimp Orchestra, Scientists of Sound, Les Paiens, The Motorleague, Force Fields, John Jerome and the Congregation, The Divorcees, Danger Cat, Lovestorm, Kevin McIntyre, Jane Ehrhardt, Earthbound Trio, East Coast Love Story, and Paranerd.

The main stage gets going at 6 PM Friday, and the music will go on into the very wee hours. A morning break follows for needed rest, and Saturday's events start at noon and again go very late. Sunday will see a wind-down with about three hours of music in the afternoon.

When the crowd isn't cavorting to the sounds, there are lots of other activities around, such as fire spinning, juggling, yoga, laser tag, swimming, live art creation, several workshops and themed spaces to hang out, such as a hammock zone and your grandma's living room. Expect to see a lot of tie-dye.

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