Plan B Music Pals Make Some Holiday Tunes For Food Banks

The good folks at Plan B, that award-winning venue in Moncton, are big supporters of Moncton area food banks at Christmas time. They've come up with another grand way to help out this season. Best of all, you can give yourself a musical present, and help raise funds for the Moncton Food Depot all with one easy and small donation.

The Plan B gang invited some of their musical friends over to the bar a few days back, did a little rehearsing, and came up with a couple of Christmas tunes, which they recorded right there and then, using the fab in-house system. It's all set up to record the many bands that play there on a nightly basis, so the club itself can double as a recording studio. Now those two songs on on-line, and ready for you to purchase via download. What a deal! Each track costs just ninety-nine cents, and all proceeds go to the Food Depot.

The "A" side is a version of the traditional O Holy Night, as performed by the wonderfully-named Simone and Garfunkelle. Their real names are Ashley McNally and Andrea MacKenzie, real-life sisters-in-law, who have started a brand-new folk duo in the city. Side B is a brand-new track, called Rather Slide. It was written by Nic LeBlanc of Danger Cat, and features a one-time only band of Oliver Landry, also of Danger Cat, Ashley McNally again, who also plays in Nick Locke and The Combination and Burning Hills, and Denis "Turtle" Arsenault of The Divorcees. The tracks were produced by Brock Gallant, Divorcee and sound guru/entertainment booker at Plan B.

So just head over to the purchase site at Nimbit Music, and drop down a couple of bucks for some fine new local holiday fare, and to help out that most important food bank cause at Christmas.

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