Plaskett Shaking Up Music World With New Album

Joel Plaskett is about to change the way albums are released with an ambitious new plan to unveil his latest, Scrappy Happiness. Starting January 10th Plaskett and The Emergency are going into the studio to record. But instead of doing all the songs at once, and then dropping the whole disc when its done, the band will work on one song at a time, and release it immediately. That means recording, and then putting out a song a week, digitally, for ten weeks. By the end of the run, March 27th, the album will be complete, and fans can then buy the whole thing as a physical piece.
Plaskett wants to return to the roots of rock recording, the 50's and 60's era, when singles were done, and released quickly. It's a plan he's had for awhile, first talking about it, at least to me, well over a year ago. The release of his B-sides and rareties collection last summer delayed the process a bit, but this has always been the plan for this new band album. Lucky fans in Halifax were treated to live versions of the songs just before Christmas, in a rare three-day residency at the Seahorse, and my friends who were there were thrilled with the new numbers.

You can also check out the new material on CBC. Plaskett's long-time buddy Rich "Buck 65" Terfry will premiere each song as it is released on CBC Radio 2's Drive program at 6:15 Atlantic time every Tuesday starting on the 10th. Then, each track will be available for sale and download on iTunes. Also, check into Plaskett's website, for info about online chats, video, and lots more buzz about the process. A national tour by The Emergency will commence in April, following the release of the whole disc. Can't wait!

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