NB Municipal Elections 2012

Poll analysis shows mayors' paths to victory

CBC New Brunswick has conducted a detailed analysis of 515 polls in six mayoral races in the province. 1:32 PM ET

Edmundston voting map shows old divisions remain

Fourteen years after Edmundston amalgamated with several nearby communities, those strong local connections are continuing to show up in voting patterns. 4:05 PM ET

Mel Norton crushed Ivan Court in every poll

Saint John's new mayor, Mel Norton, who was sworn in Monday night, beat outgoing mayor Ivan Court in all corners of the city, a detailed analysis of the electoral results shows. 1:32 PM ET

Brad Woodside cruises to win with north side support

Fredericton voters returned long-time mayor Brad Woodside for a record ninth term with a comfortable victory made possible by a fortress of support on the city's north side. 1:29 PM ET

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  • Election 2012
  • Total candidates in all municipal, Regional Health Authority and District Education Council elections: 1,268
  • Total male candidates: 905 (71.7%)
  • Total female candidates: 360 (28.5%)
  • Municipal races
  • Total candidates for the municipal elections: 1,068
  • Total male candidates: 777 (72.7%)
  • Total female candidate: 291 (27.2%)
  • Total male candidates for mayor: 150 (79.7%)
  • Total female candidates for mayor: 38 (20.2%)
  • Total male candidates for council positions: 627 (71.2%)
  • Total female candidates for council positions: 253 (28.6%)
  • District Education Council races
  • Total candidates for District Education Council positions: 113
  • Total male candidates: 73 (64.6%)
  • Total female candidates: 40 (35.3%)
  • Regional Health Authority races
  • Total candidates for Regional Health Authority positions: 78
  • Total male candidates: 51 (65.3%)
  • Total female candidates: 27 (34.6%)